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International Art Residency (New Media Art) 2009

From 2009-03-01 to 2009-03-31

The New Media Residency was held from 1st to 30th March 2010. The Participating artist were Eline Jongsma (Netherlands), Kel O'Neill (USA), Kusal Gunasekara (Sri Lanka), Manoj Baviskar (India), Pradeep Thalawatta (Sri Lanka), Prasanna Ranabahu (Sri Lanka), Sarawut Chutiwongpeti (Thailand). The international artists Kel and Eline were documentary film maker and video artists while Manoj was performance artists who also worked with video. Sarawut was primarily engaged in digital art and video art. Kel and Eline did number of lectures and presentation on documentary film making and their work which included lecture at the Sociology department, University of Colombo, Design class at the Institute of Architecture and at Theertha for the art student community. They also provided Theertha artists with practical training on documentary film making and film editing during their stay. The exhibition was held at the Red Dot Gallery from 27 March to 7th April and this was the first time the whole exhibition was presented as a New media exercise. The Sri Lankan artists Kusal, Prasanna and Pradeep in turn produced video and digitial art. What is important is that this new media art exercise gave THeertha the insight into the nature of equipment, knowledge update on using video/ film editing and the relevant software/ hardware to support New Media Exhibitions. Since hiring equipment such as multimedia projectors and LCD screens, computers, sound systems etc Theertha had to borrow many from other sources to support the exhibition. However, this has given Theertha a fair idea of what equipment to invest on for supporting future New Media art activities. This also gave artists a fair idea of the quality of equipment needed for video/film/ digital work. We hope this residency will encourage more artists to work and experiment in New Media Art.