Art Teacher Training Workshops

Art Teacher Training was part of the larger commitment of Theertha to qualitatively enhance the visual art education at school level and to make available trained art teachers to economically difficult regions and areas in Sri Lanka. The primary goal of the teacher training program was to assist the process of disseminating information and knowledge on art to regional areas on the one hand and to enhance and stimulate the visual art education at school level while creating a community of informed art teacher to undertake the art education at school level on the other. With the initial teacher training workshops, Theertha managed to impart current knowledge to the teachers where the teachers are given lectures on art history and art practical training. Other than getting new knowledge through these programs, it also helped art teachers to form their own art groups in several areas where they became interested in publishing art information and do art events within their geographical areas.


Theertha first initiated the art training workshops for teachers in 2004. Since then Theertha has continuously held art workshops for teachers in number of locations throughout Sri Lanka . The Art Training Program was done in Collaboration with ArtLab.

Art Teacher Program was supported by number of grants provided by HIVOS , Arts Collaboratory, Ford Foundation and USAID at various points of time.

Art Teacher Training Workshops held:

  • 2008 - Megha Art Training workshop at Lumbini. Teacher training for art education for very young children - Aludeniya
  • 2008 - Art Teacher Training - 3 day workshop at Akurassa - Dampella Maha Viharaya and Welihena Kanishta Maha vidyalaya
  • 2007 - Computer Design / Art Writing Workshop for Art Teachers.
  • 2006 - Art Writing Workshop for Art Teachers
  • 2006 - Teacher Training Program in Aludeniya.
  • 2005 - Teacher Training Program in Ampara, Kalmunai, Sammanthurai and Akkaraipattu
  • 2005 - Teacher Training Program in Kegalle
  • 2004 - Art Teacher Training in Dehiattakandiya
  • 2003 - Art Teacher Training in Batticaloa