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P.Danushka Marasinghe

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theertha Exhibition Season - Freshly Baked Series

theertha Exhibition Season,  Freshly Baked Series
theertha International Artists Collective takes pleasure in inviting you to the preview of
P. Danushka Marasinghe’s Exhibition on Friday 6th  October 2012 at 6.30 pm  at theertha Red Dot Gallery

36 A, Baddagana Road South, Pitakotte. The Exhibition will remain open till 14th Octomber 2012.

Gallery hours: Monday to Friday: 10.30 am to 5.00 pm. Sunday: 11.00 am to 4.30 pm

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In this present post-war situation, new entertainment forms have emerged for certain sectors of the Sri Lankan population. One such form is 'city-entertainment'. Overshadowing 'war-entertainment', now, 'city-entertainment' is providing an amnesiac, desensitized engagement.

Monuments, walls, fences and many other city structures are being leveled into a single, unitary expansion to establish city that has a model similar to that of a well-developed city. These new cityscapes have turned into activity zones where entire families go on evening leisure walks in a sort of a festive mood; people jog and ride bicycles, projecting a healthy and wealthy population, devoid of any failures in the society.

In this installation, I project a video of these changing cityscapes, onto a hospital bed. The hospital bed is a place where disaster and hope, both are associated in high intensity.

- P. Danushka Marasinghe

P. Danushka Marasinghe
TH_FBC_P.Danushka-Marasinghe_2012-Oct-6_im1  TH_FBC_P.Danushka-Marasinghe_2012-Oct-6_im2
 TH_FBC_P.Danushka-Marasinghe_2012-Oct-6_im6 TH_FBC_P.Danushka-Marasinghe_2012-Oct-6_im5  TH_FBC_P.Danushka-Marasinghe_2012-Oct-6_im3
 TH_FBC_P.Danushka-Marasinghe_2012-Oct-6_im9  TH_FBC_P.Danushka-Marasinghe_2012-Oct-6_im4 TH_FBC_P.Danushka-Marasinghe_2012-Oct-6_im7 
 TH_FBC_P.Danushka-Marasinghe_2012-Oct-6_im8 TH_FBC_P.Danushka-Marasinghe_2012-Oct-6_im10   

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